Grandma’s Apple

The other day I was brought to tears while peeling an apple. So I wrote a poem to memorialize the bevy of emotions. Thanks for reading.


Grandma’s Apple

I remember the afternoons, where I would watch

as you, with a napkin draped across your lap,

would sit in your rocking chair and peel your apple.


You occasionally would cast your concentrated eyes

from the edge of your paring knife to the small TV set

in the corner of your living room

where Wheel of Fortune would be playing.


Papa would be in his recliner. His white socks

shining in the spaces between black slip on shoes

and the cuffed khakis that you had perfectly hemmed.


As you turned your attention back to the apple,

I can see the smile on your face

(that you thought no one would see)

as you held up the peeling that was perfectly removed

from the flesh of the apple, in one spiraling cut.



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