Thor’s Thursday Tour

So we all know the future Asgardian ruler, Thor. Well did you know that when he’s not defeating Frost Giants or keeping Hulk from destroying Loki that the blonde beauty loves to travel. Thor’s human love interest, Jane Foster, has sparked his interest in Earth. So Thor is throwing Mjolnir towards the sky and is flying to destinations all across this beautiful planet of ours. Each week, Thor will introduce us to a new location. It may be fairly popular or it may be somewhere that you’ve never seen before.

Today’s on Thor’s Thursday Tour we will be magically whisked away to the beautiful town of Rose Hill, NC, USA. Now before you think that Thor is crazy to visit a little country town in the middle of nowhere North Carolina; just wait until you hear about the things that he encountered. First Thor used a reliable resource and contacted Tony Stark aka Iron Man to ask him about the things that he should do while in Rose Hill. Tony remembered the Southern hospitality that he experienced  in Rose Hill while repairing his suit after the wlfpattack from the Mandarin. He told Thor that he had to see the World’s Largest Frying pan as his first expedition. Thor landed in the town square and even though he has walked down the light bridge of Asgard, warded off aliens from attacking multiple worlds and even wields the power of thunder in his hands; he was still amazed to see the 2 ton, 15′ wide frying pan that has the capacity to cook 365 chickens simultaneously.

Thinking of all that delicious fried chicken was making Thor hungry, so he used his super lemon blueberryhero nose and guided himself down the street to the Rose Hill Restaurant. Thor sat down at one of the tables and cooled himself with some delicious sweet tea and requested the most delicious thing that they had to eat. The waitress brought him a piece of their world famous lemon-blueberry pie. Thor engulfed the first piece and requested one more. Even the chefs on Asgard have yet to create something so delicious. Thor’s taste buds have been pleased, so he pays his bill and proceeds to walk outside.

Thor is pleased to look to the right and see a sign for a Winery. Since Asgardians are famous for their wine, Thor decided that he would try to see if someone had created soduplin-winerymething that could match his own favorite beverage. The intoxicating smell of muscadine grapes has permeated the air and he is instantly drawn to the tasting area. As the oldest and largest winery in the South, Duplin Winery has created some of the most delicious wines that man could craft. He sits down at the tasting area and along with many other visitors is presented an assortment of delicious, award winning wines that the family has been creating for three generations. Thor then finds out about the free facility tour and is amazed to see the modern craftsmanship and care that goes duplin-winery-cool-muscadine-north-carolina-usa-10416727into making wine. Thor signs up for the winery’s Heritage Club where you can receive Duplin wines, special discounts and invitations to exclusive events sent directly to his door.

He’s still curious how they are going to mail it to Asgard but he bids them farewell as he receives a call from Tony. Tony thinks that he has found a way to prove that he is worthy of lifting Mjölnir but Thor just laughs as he thrusts his hammer into the sky and takes off back to Asgard. Even though he wishes that he could stay around the beautiful rural town of Rose Hill, NC for a little longer he knows that he is needed elsewhere. He knows that he shall return to Rose Hill again.

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