Freddy’s Friday Fashion Faux Pas: Socks

FRED-JONESSo Scooby Doo’s owner Shaggy was never a snazzy dresser; unlike his fellow crime fighting sleuth Freddy Jones. Freddy has always been dapper. So he and his orange ascot are going to help give advice to men everywhere on what not to wear and maybe some ideas of what to wear.

The first topic that will be addressed is socks. Socks seems like such a trivial thing until you look down at someone wearing shorts and sandals with a pair of white ankle socks. The horror of that site is scarier than any monster that Mystery Incorporated ever encountered. Freddy’s suggestion for socks with shorts is to avoid them all together. That’s right. If you’re wearing sandals, don’t wear socks. If you’re wearing boat style shoes (aka Sperrys, Sanuks or *shudder* Crocs) don’t wear socks. It is a common mistake to wear socks with shorts but it should be a punishable crime to break this fashion faux pas. If you’re wearing tall socks with shorts, this even more distracts passers by from the attractive outfit that you have created. If you are wearing sneakers or tennis shoes, then wear a non visible or short ankle sock that won’t be visible over your sneakers. I can’t believe that I have to say this but try to match your socks to your shoes. If you are wearing black shoes with a black inner ; wear black socks. DO NOT wear a 4 year old pair of dirty white socks with a nice black pair of tennis shoes. And please, I repeat for the love of God and country; do not wear sandals with socks.

show socks

Freddy has a really simple answer for when you should wear white socks: Unless they’re white socks.jpgcovered up by boots, then they shouldn’t be visible. If your dress pants are hemmed properly, then when you sit down two inches of your socks should be visible from underneath your cuff. If you are wearing a pair of white athletic socks, then this would show. That’s extremely tacky. The socks that you wear with your suit or dress slacks should match your slacks; not your shoes (IE if you’re wearing brown shoes with a blue suit, then you should wear blue socks…not brown).

Just remember that your socks are part of the total package. Take pride in yourself and take pride in your appearance. You can even go with some socks with patterns or various colors to bring some flashiness into your wardrobe. Just make sure that it matches.

So, Freddy is off to pick up Daphne and I’m off to bed. I hope that Freddy has helped solve this mystery of this tricky and sometimes unresolved part of your wardrobe.




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