Wolverine’s Wednesday Whips: 1967 Lincoln Continental


wolverine .jpgWolverine is blessed, or cursed, with a powerful regenerative ability causing him to age at a slower rate than the rest of us mere humans. Because of this, Wolverine has lived through all of the ages of automotive development. So to say that he’s an expert could be a stretch but he knows what he likes. On Wolverine’s Wednesday Whips he will showcase some of the greatest and most beautiful vehicles to ever roll down the street.  Today on Wolverine’s Wednesday Whips, he is showcasing the 1967 4-Door Lincoln Continental.

The 1961 Lincoln Continental was roughly based on a 1961 Thunderbird prototype that Ford rejected because it appeared to be a little ‘too classy’ for the 1960s Thunderbird crowd. After an internal power struggle in the Ford family, it was paramount that Lincoln have success with their next vehicle so the 4-door ‘suicide’ rear-hinged rear doors were teamed with a stream line body and a powerful engine. The 1967 4-door has made a resurgence in the hot rod, low rider and muscle car scenes due to its gorgeous lines, suicide doors along with the 300+ HP V-8 engine.

This powerful, yet stylish car has remained popular throughout the years despite death rearing its ugly head every now and then (John F. Kennedy was assassinated while riding in a convertible Lincoln Continental in 1963) just like Wolverine.

lincoln continental

suicide doors


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