Top Cat’s Tuesday Top 10: Little People

This week’s top 10 topic is about people who are short in stature but have managed to make a big splash in the world.


Top Cat’s Tuesday Top 10: Short Stature – Big Splash

10. Edward “Eddie” Carl Gaedel


Chicago born Edward Carl Gaedel stands in the record books as the world’s shortest pro-baseball player even though if it was a publicity stunt being pulled by the St Louis Browns. “Eddie” always wanted to be a ballplayer and as he took his last swing in the summer of 1951; 18,369 fans stood to give props to a little man who inspired a stadium full of fans and players.

9. Danny Woodburn


If you watched movies and TV shows in the 90s then you’ve seen Danny Woodburn. The Philadelphia born actor may stand only four foot tall but it hasn’t slowed him down. Danny starred in One Tree Hill, The Watchmen, Seinfeld, and CSI which is just a tip of the huge iceburg of more than 130 television and 28 film appearances  (which includes the upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Movie). He is best known for his role as Mickey Abbot on Seinfeld but his work in the Disability Rights Movements makes him a giant of a man in my book.

8. Hervé Jean-Pierre Villechaize


Villechaize may have suffered from proportionate dwarfism but this actor will be forever remembered for his work. Even though he was a Bond villain, he will forever be Ricardo Montalbán’s tiny assistant on Fantasy Island shouting ‘Ze Plane, Ze Plane’.

7. Deep Roy


In Charlie and the Chocolate Factory you’ll notice that the Oompa Loompas were played by one guy. Well that small guy was none other than Deep Roy. He is well known in the acting world and his work has spanned over the past 40 years but I can’t seem to get over his guest appearance as the street hustling antagonist on HBO’s East Bound and Down. That’s one big leap in acting prowess. Well a leap or a slide.


6. Gary Coleman


“Wha’chu talkin’ bout Willis?” Yeah. You remember that. The 4’8″ actor is remembered more now-a-days for his troubled life that occurred after his most famous role (as Arnold Jackson on Diff’rent Strokes). Sadly it seemed that this little man had bigger problems than his big popularity could handle.

5. Danny Devito


It’s amazing how much huge movie star that you can fit inside of a 4’11” frame but Danny Devito has it. The New Jersey native got his big break aside the top comedians of that time on the TV show Taxi. Devito and his twin, the Peguin, tried to throw momma from the train with other people’s money because it’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

4.  Verne Troyer


He is immediately known as Mini Me. Troyer rose to fame as Dr Evil’s mini clone in Austin Powers and is still a pop culture icon despite some small hang ups in his personal life.

3. Wee Man


Yes that Wee Man. Whether you’re a fan of Jackass or not, you can’t deny the social impact that these bunch of Jackasses have had on the world. The Multi-million dollar movie and TV show franchise has caused this little man to have big stacks of cash. Italian born Jason Bryant Acuña, who stands just over four foot tall grew up in Torrance, California and worked as a subscription manager for the skateboarding magazine Big Brother; which is where he met a group of Jackasses and the rest is history.

2. Warwick Davis


Warwick was an Ewok in Star Wars, had 3 separate roles in Harry Potter, starred as the Leprechaun in the Leprechaun films and was in one of my favorite movies growing up: Willow. He also starred in the larger than life book adaptation, that I love so much: Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. 

1. Peter Dinklage


From the X-Men movie franchise to the Emmy award winning TV show Game of Thrones; I have no doubt that you have seen Peter Dinklage. His amazing performances are continuing to wow huge audiences without anyone caring about his 4’5″ size. And after six seasons of Game of Thrones, I wouldn’t be lying if I said that he’s my favorite GoT character.


This list just goes to show you to not judge a man (or woman) by their size but by the impact that they have in the world.


  1. I would like to point out that Mugsy Bouges checks in at 5’3″, making him the greatest point guard in NBA history (and one of my favorite famous people meet ups while at UNCW)

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