Thor’s Thursday Tour: Paul’s Place Famous Hotdogs

Even if you’re the God of Thunder, there are times that you just want a hot dog. Sometimes Thor just walks down the Bifrost Bridge and asks the omniscient god Heimdall a question and if Heimdall deems the trip necessary; he will open to bridge to travel to that  specific location. Sometimes Thor asks Heimdall suggestions of where to go and sometimes he remembers something that Tony Stark himself taught him to use: the internet. So while sitting around the royal halls of Asgard; Thor decided that he needed a glorious treat that he found while on his many journeys on Earth. We are of course referring to the grilled or steamed sausage garnished with a variety of tasty accoutrements while being served in a sliced bun. We are talking hot dogs.

While doing research on the internet, Thor thought that he might enjoy eating a hot dog with a friend so he called the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist Tony Stark aka Iron Man. Tony happened to be flying over North Carolina. Tony says to Thor, “Let me take care of this big guy.” Then he instructs F.R.I.D.A.Y. to do an in depth analysis and find the best hot dog joint within the parameters of his location. Results: Paul’s Place Famous Hotdogs in Rocky Point, NC. Iron Man touched down within seconds of Heimdall sending Thor to this destination. They decide to walk inside and the smell of hotdogs was permeating the air. The simplistic decor and down home personalities create a welcoming environment. An environment which even welcomes superheroes. 

Selecting the ‘all the way’ hotdog (which is a steamed hot dog simply garnished with mustard, relish and onions) along with a side of hand breaded onion ring justs felt right. So that’s what the two Avengers did. The two ate their fill and talked about their many accomplishments. Each story more grandiose than the next. Each story more boastful and over the top exaggerative than the previous. The hotdogs were eaten and they both flew back to their homes with a belly full of a delicious local delicacy.

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