Free Comic Book Day?

I sit here watching Deadpool for the 3rd time, and I want to go to bed just so I can wake up on a comic book fan’s favorite day: FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!!!!!  That’s right, if you didn’t know that the first Saturday in May for the last 15 years has been Free Comic Book Day then you have been missing out. It isn’t just a day where you stand in line and get one free comic, it is a celebrated day among comic book fans. As you can see on the informative video that is on the webpage that I have linked above, Free Comic Book Day was a day set aside to give back to us: the fans.

I hope that everyone can venture out, take free comic book day ad at memory lane.pngyour kids, and go visit your local comic book shop. Which in my case is Memory Lane Comics in Wilmington, NC. If you’re in the vicinity, you can come on over to  Memory Lane Comics with me in the morning and see Ben and Jake. My local shop and your closest shop will be littered with amazing deals and you’ll get tons of free swag (including a bunch of FREE COMICS!!!!). 

So take your kids, take your wife, heck…just take yourself down to Free Comic Book Day at your local comic book shop.

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