Five Things that Bring Me Happiness

Daily writing prompt
What are 5 everyday things that bring you happiness?

Our happiness is contingent on the alignment of external things. At least some of the time, it is. Sometimes our day is controlled by the traffic we deal with on our way to the office. Maybe our day relies on a good night’s sleep. Perhaps we need a good cup of coffee to start a good day. But to concretely say what five things bring me happiness is relatively easy.

My religion: “Faith and family” are cliche answers when people ask what matters the most that are, in fact, true to a lot of the populace. Psychologically speaking, religion works to encourage stress-buffering mechanisms. Having faith in God allows us to connect to something bigger than ourselves and gives us a way to deal with events that come to us more healthily. My relationship with God brings me happiness because God brings me a sense of internal peace.

Family: Yes, I remember what I said about cliche answers, but my family is what brings me happiness. When my kids hug me when I get home, or when I hear ‘hey baby’ from my wife, my day is immediately better. The stresses of work and all other things lift for a moment. It’s that feeling of reciprocity which is a sophisticated way of saying, “I scratch your back, and you scratch mine.” The feeling of knowing we mutually support one another; a mutual reliance. Even though I don’t always do it in the best manner, my family helps me cope with my stress. And just being loved is the best source of motivation and strength.

Music: I guess saying that music brings me happiness is another cliche answer, but music gives us energy and motivation. Music can affect our mental state. If you’re sad, it can soothe you. If you lack motivation, it can encourage you. The changing of a song can bring tears or euphoric energy.

Purpose: I need a reason to get up in the morning. I won’t get paid if I don’t go to work, but this goes beyond a job. This ventures into my life’s goals, not my occupational goals, and the fifth thing that brings me happiness.

Writing: I was talking to my wife the other day about the things we have a passion for. We compared my love of completing, researching for, and writing something to that of her crocheting. The creativity and also the sense of accomplishment that you feel at the end. Also, the concentration that it takes to accomplish both is cathartic. It links back to the purpose category. I feel motivated to work if I have a purpose and something to complete and that completion brings me joy.

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