Star gazing

Looking up at the stars can make you feel very alone. Looking up at the stars can also make you feel very included. Whether you believe in a higher power or not, the thought of knowing that you are here on this earth for a specific reason or that you exist amongst the vastness of the solar system is incredible. Your existence, amongst the thousands of other specks on any multitude of planets and solar systems, is so overwhelming. I remember laying outside under the stars when I was little and looking out over the ocean of darkness with sparkles of white. I would imagine the different worlds. I would imagine the planets that circled other suns. I would imagine the likelihood of someone like me; on one of those planets revolving around another sun. I would contemplate what life is like on those other planets.
I still look upon the stars with that childlike sense of wonder. While I still think about my existence, I wish upon the falling stars. I imagine the other planets but understand my place here. I think about life on those other planets, but remember how meaningful our fleeting moments of existence are on this speck in the entirety of the universe.


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