Just in the Nick of Time: Some more Interesting Idioms and Colloquial Phrases

In my research for my 10 part History of my favorite Idioms and Colloquial Phrases series, I found a lot of phrases that I had forgotten about. Or some that I had honestly never heard. I decided just to share some of my favorites that didn’t make it to the series but definitely deserve to be mentioned.

Here are some sure fire ways to sound as Southern as they come when you get angry or upset: 

“She’s having a hissy fit.” – When someone is throwing a temper tantrum.

“She’s having a duck fit.” – Not sure why but this one is worst than a hissy fit.

“Madder than a wet cat.”

Or…how about you just want to talk about someone who doesn’t show their nicer qualities:  

“You egg-suckin’ dog!”

“Girl you’re gonna get the old and ‘new’monia dressed like that.”

“He’s got a burr in his saddle.” – In reference to someone who is in a bad mood.

“His pants are so tight I could tell his religion.”

“He’s a dang snake in the grass.”

“He is so cheap, he squeezes a quarter so tight you can hear the eagle screaming.”

“He’s so cheap, he wouldn’t give a nickel to see Jesus ride a bicycle.”

“She’s so stuck up, she’d drown in a rainstorm.”

“He thinks the sun comes up just to hear him crow.”

“That girl gets my goose.”

“That dang yankee is like a hemorrhoid. A pain in my a** when they come down and always a relief when they go back up.”

“She could make a preacher cuss.”

“He could worry the s**t out of a septic tank.”

“She could piss off the pope.”

“He’s about as useful as screen door on a submarine./He’s about as useful as a trap door on a canoe.”

“He is about as useful as tits on a boar/bull.”

“He don’t know his a** from his elbow.”

Or how about a response to those below the poverty line: 

“He don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of.”

“I’m so poor, I can’t afford to pay attention.”

“Her house is in shambles cause she’s too pour to paint; but too proud to whitewash.”

And finally, just some really good ones: 

Big fish in a small pond.

The bees knees.

The Real McCoy.

Tail wagging the dog.

Joined at the hip.

An Indian summer.

Featured Image:

Ron’s Big Fish by and attributed to Ron Shawley, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=46523576


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