A Culture of Food: MeMa’s Chick’n & Ribs

IMG_6417The term ‘rustic style’ has become a quintessential part of decorating in recent years; especially in the American South. Known for its emphasis on bringing about the rugged beauty that nature itself has to offer. A rustic style embraces nature, allows nature to inspire the textures, uses simple earthy colors, and ultimately presents a non-pretentious organic environment; which welcomes you and beckons you to feel welcome in its warm IMG_6423embrace. It was that same welcoming spirit that you long for in not only your home; but in a restaurant. I felt it as soon as I opened the glass door to let my family inside, when we heard a sweet voice say, “welcome to MeMa’s,” that rang out over Christian music that softly played in the background. I smiled, and we walked inside to see the contemporary rustic style decor. This gorgeous yet extremely charming restaurant was clean and tidy (also evident in the Sanitation grade which we noticed was a 100); while the smell of BBQ permeated the air. We notice several other families who are already sitting; and it would appear that they came to eat lunch straight from church on this warm Sunday afternoon in September as well. My family decides what they want from the menu and while my wife, son and mom find us a table; and I make my way up to the register to order our food. The menu has a plethora of classic dishes (Pork Spare Ribs, Catfish, grilled chicken, pulled pork, etc) while some that you would never expect (fried green beans with a sriracha-mayo dipping sauce).

img_6415.jpgAs our food was brought to the table, it was evident why MeMa’s Chick’n and Ribs had been awarded WWAY’s 2018 “Best Barbecue Restaurant” award. The Ribs were fall of the bone tender and the taste indicated that just the right amount of dry rub had been used while cooking. The grilled chicken was quite literally some of the best that I had ever had. The combination of sweet, spice and smoke threw my taste buds into a frenzy. From memaschicken1the seasoned french fries to the pulled pork BBQ to the vinegary slaw to the aforementioned fried green beans; everything that was placed before us was amazing.  Everything was made from scratch (even the BBQ sauce which is done by the former Marine chef and co-owner). As our meal came to an end, my wife noticed the dessert being placed on the adjacent table; so of course we had to try it. The short wait time is well worth the seconds it might take, because everything is hand-made…even the whipped cream that they put on the scratch-made desserts

You know I love good food; and MeMa’s portions were as big as the flavors; and we did memas chicken2not complain. Well I did have one complaint: I only complained to myself because I had not I had not visited the award winning restaurant earlier. The wait staff and owners are some of the nicest that you will ever meet. Don’t hesitate to head down to Burgaw, NC RIGHT NOW! Inside the glass front exterior, you’ll find a world of culinary delights that has foodies from around the world talking. Don’t wait on me; go ahead to the counter, place your order, get a glass of the most delicious Lemonade that I have ever had in my life, sit down at the table and wait to have some of the most delicious food that you’ve ever had placed before you. I expect to see you there. I’ll wave to you with BBQ sauce covered fingers; behind the rib bones that I will inevitably pile up.



Other miscellaneous Images taken by me. Sept. 9, 2018.

Combination plate images accredited to MeMa’s Chicken & Ribs, Burgaw, NC, 2018, Fair Use. http://www.memaschicknandribs.com



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