So who wants free prizes just for being entertained?
Well here is how you can do both.

After you have liked the Facebook post that led you here and commented underneath the post with your choice of prize (Simpsons, Family Guy, or Star Wars); you will need to read over the contest rules on this blog page.

Contest Rules:

  1. Please visit at least 2 of our previous blog posts by accessing our Archives. To do this: click one of the links under the headings “WHAT YOU’VE MISSED RECENTLY…” or “BACK TO THE FUTURE…VISIT THE PAST”.
  2. Pick out one of your favorite blogs from our page and Share it to your Facebook page. Copy and paste “This was my favorite blog from The Pop Culture Kings and guess what; they have a give-a-way! Do you want free prizes all while being entertained? Make sure you enter his contest by visiting: Then post this as the caption above the blog you share. To qualify for the giveaway, make sure that you follow all rules and tag me in your Facebook post.
  3. Winners will be announced Sunday (July 2nd, 2017). Giveaway only valid for Facebook users living within the continental US.

Top Prizes:


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