Top Cat’s Tuesday Top Ten: Greatest Opening Credits/Scenes

I’ve made no qualms about telling anyone and everyone about my love for movies. I love the theater/movie going experience just as much as I love sitting at home in my recliner, watching a movie with my family. Heck. I even enjoy watching those movies that no one else would want to watch right by myself. Movies are made up of so many things that intrigue me and one thing that is important to me is that first five minutes of film: the opening scene.

As I was re-watching the emotional roller coaster that is Apocalypse Now for probably the 20th time, I realized how completely amazing that the intro to the movie was. I then began to think back to other movies that had you hooked from the first seconds of the movie. The movies that literally make you say: “okay…sit back and prepare for something amazing”. This movie phenomenon can be produced in a comedy, sci-fi thriller or even a Disney cartoon. So I would be able to break these up into genres and do a top ten for each one but I decided to just do an overall list first. You’ll find that I’ve tried to find the video for you to watch, so if you haven’t seen the movie…you’ll want to after viewing these opening scenes.

So I hope that you enjoy Top Cat’s Tuesday Top 10: Greatest Openings Credits/Scene

10. Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World’s End (Pirate Song at the Gallows)


9. The Lion King (Introduction of the Lion cub Simba – The Circle of Life)


8. Easy Rider (Born to be Wild)


7. Contact (Zoom out)


6. Up (Carl and Ellie’s Montage)

up kis.jpg

5. Apocalypse Now (Jungle of the Mind)

an intro.jpg

4. The Good, the Bad, The Ugly (No need for words)


3. 2001: A Space Odyssey (Blankness of Space)


2. Star Wars IV: A New Hope (A Long Time Ago…)


1. James Bond 007 movies (1962-Current) (Bullets and Blood)




Honorable mentions: The Matrix (Trinity), Inglourious Basterds (The Harboring Farmer), The Godfather (I believe in America), Pulp Fiction (The Diner Robbery), Patton (Speech to the Third Army), The Dark Knight (Never Trust a Joker), Kill Bill (The Bride’s Side), A Clockwork Orange (Me and My Droogs)


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