Pokémon GO tips from my son; the Pokémon Master: Part 1

025pikachu_xy_anime_3.pngHello guys it’s me, Daniel. Well recently I have been out a lot, like for months. Let me simply say… Sorry. So that is all behind us and now lets talk about what is coming up. Yes, this is a Pokémon blog! With Pokémon GO already being a big hit and the new Pokémon Sun and Moon games coming out November 18, 2016 a few months from now; Pokémon is getting a lot of attention. And what better time to do a Pokémon blog than RIGHT NOW!

Lets talk about Pokémon GO’s hidden things. Hidden things are what we are doing first and are pretty self-explanatory. So one is how to get Pikachu as a starter Pokémon. So what you have to do is when Professor says “look some wild Pokémon already, go catch one.” And it will show you the three first/main Starter Pokemon. By first, I mean in the first games that Game Freak and Nintendo made (Pokémon Red and Blue); Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle were your choices. pokemon-go-smartphone-aplicacion.jpg{IGNORE OTHER POKÉMON IF YOU WANT PIKACHU. DO NOT TAP.} So what you have to do is simple, walk away and let the Pokémon Re-spawn 5 times. Disappear then Reappear 5 times. Then you get Pikachu when he pops up. So I have a lot to say, so it will be in a couple of parts.

Sadly you have to wait for Part 2 before you can read more, so.

Until part 2, Goodbye fellow Pokémon Fans. 🙂




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