Pokemon Go 

Since Daniel has been a HUGE Pokemon fan for many years, I receive the Pokémon letter to my email. I opened up the newsletter earlier last month to read about this new Pokémon Go app. I didn’t think that I would download it because I…..don’t like playing Pokemon. I know, blasphemy right? Pokemon started as I was entering adulthood and I was interested in two things at that time: pretty girls and working out. BUT now my work out time comes before I go to work, I have a beautiful wife at home and I have an amazing kid ; I guess I can accept Pokémon into my life. (Not just in the form of buying Pokémon cards and video games for Daniel.)

I downloaded the Pokémon Go app for Daniel (since we don’t allow him to have a cell phone yet) and I figured it would be fun for us both to play around with. Well little did I know that I would end up spending more time finding Pokémon than Daniel would. Best place that we found Pokémon was in the Hooters in Wilmington, NC. Conveniently we were already there eating supper. 🙂 

The moral of the story is that people are doing things together. People are going out and exercising. We’re getting together as a populous (whether in person or via Social media) and communicating about a common thing. So is a somewhat nerdy thing like Pokémon bringing people together? It would sure seem so. And with as much drama that we have going on in this world; a little comradery could be a great thing. 

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