My Summer Job

For 10 months out of the year I am a high school English teacher and part time community college instructor. But for my two summer months off of teaching, I work with my best friend and former college roommate at his commercial refrigeration business. His business creates and repairs the systems that keep the grocery store itself and the food held within it cold (or frozen for that matter). I have been blessed enough to travel around the East Coast of the United States with him and his crew. This has opened the door of opportunity to see some things that you wouldn’t see any other time.

Found beauty.

Sometimes, as you’re trying to get the air handlers on the roof of a Walmart Super Center to work correctly, you glance to the sky and realize just how beautiful God’s creation is. Whether you are a Christian, Atheist, Wiccan, Pastafarian, or Jew; there is no way to deny the beauty of some of the things on our little slice of the Universe. I love gazing at the majestic hill tops of the Appalachian Mountains or the crashing waves in the Atlantic Ocean; but sometimes I just look up into the sky and am amazed. This happened to me the other night as we were walking back and forth to said air handlers on the roof of said Walmart Super Center. We were there at dusk with the moon to our east and the setting sun to our west (both of which were perfectly to our respective lefts and rights).


If you’ve ever wondered what those things in the ceiling at Walmart look like from up top.



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