Thor’s Thursday Tour: Charleston, SC

bifrost bridgest michaels churchWhen Thor returned to Asgard from his journey to Topsail Beach, he stood upon the Rainbow bridge and beckoned to Heimdall to use his all-seeing eyes to see what beautiful location that had plentiful amounts of delicious food would be. Heimdall just smiled and told Thor to enjoy his time in the Holy City.

Thor was shocked to find himself on Broad St. in front of the almost 300 year old St. Michael’s Episcopal Church in Charleston, South hanksCarolina. Thor looked upon the oldest surviving religious structure with a smile but his gaze was distracted by the smell of fresh rock shrimp that were sizzling beside a plate of crispy calamari. Thor all but runs to Hanks Seafood Restaurant to experience the delicious seafood prepared by Chef Frank McMahon. Thor decides to try the Local Clams simmered in white wine, garlic, olive oil and fresh herbs.

mccradysAfter he has sopped the last of the delicious liquid from the bottom of his plate, he knows that he must walk down a little further from St. Michael’s church to McCrady’s Restaurant. Sean Brock melds techniques of American cuisine mixed with his culinary genius to transform high quality, fresh ingredients. The restaurant is located in Charleston’s first tavern which was built in 1771. Thor felt right at home when he sat down to probe deeper into the ever changing menu. He decides to grace his pallet with grilled swordfish caught fresh from South Carolina waters.

sean brockAs he finishes his meal and his last sip of his Knob Creek bourbon, he knew that it was time to find dessert. Thor was thoroughly impressed with Sean Brock’s first restaurant that he knew that he had to visit McCrady’s sister restaurant Husk. The ever changing menus at McCrady’s and Husk represent the ever changing fresh ingredients that are available; HuskChasImgso Thor knew that whatever was on the menu would be delicious but he wanted to satisfy his sweet tooth. The Lemon Pound Cake with cream cheese mousse was just that item. The large piece of Lemon Pound Cake paired with the Knob Creek 100 proof rye satisfied his Asgardian appetite.

Thor walked onto Queen St and walked the streets of Charleston, enjoying the beautiful sites. After a while, he then knew that it was time to journey back to his Asgardian home. Thor just nodded his head in thanks to Heimdall as he walks out of the Bifrost. He had experienced another one of Earth’s beautiful wonders.

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