Thor’s Thursday Tour: Topsail Island

Even Superhero gods need vacations from time to time. This week on Thor’s Thursday Tour, Thor visits one of the most beautiful beaches in the south and the future king of Asgard brought along his appetite and his surf board.

chris hemsworth surf boardThor flew to the 26-mile long barrier island (consisting of the communities of North Topsail Beach, Surf City and Topsail Beach) located on the east coast of North Carolina on a warm sunny day. Thor stuck his surf board down into the sand and mentally prepared himself to welcome the waves. He surfs the beautifully breaking waves ofchris helmsworth beach the Surf City beach and finally walks away from the ocean with a smile on his face. The surfing has caused a hunger to rise in his belly, so he is off to find the best food on the island. He asks a fellow surfer if she had any suggestions as to where he should eat and she told him to walk the short distance to Max’s Pizza.

maxs pizzaThor strolls through the door of the restaurant and occupied his chosen seat. He is welcome by a friendly waitress and to fill his endless appetite he tells her to bring him the three most delicious things on the menu. Within minutes, a hand tossed pepperoni and mushroom pizza; chicken wings, and a steak and mushroom sub are placed before him beside his sweet tea. He takes his time and enjoys each ranch dressing dipped morsel. He strolls out of the restaurant, that has been surfing delicious Italian Food for over 30 years, with a larger smile on his face.

surf city pier dusk

surf city pier.jpgHe decides to make the most of the day. He takes a walk on the Surf City Pier to enjoy the views and to contemplate the Avengers and all the problems of the Universe. The minutes of relaxation turn to hours and is met by the bellowing roar of his sweet tooth. Someone on the pier directs him to Island Delights. Thor orders some ice cream and he is relaxed but it is time for his mini-vacation to end. He slings his mighty hammer into the sky, completely satisfied with his day spent on the beautiful North Carolina coast.



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