Wolverine’s Wednesday Whips: 1960s Oldsmobile 442

So, I’m a child born in the 80s but I grew up in the 90s. Now we all grew up watching Saved by the Bell in the 90s. Well like many prepubescent boys in the 90s, I had a huge crush on Kelly Kapowski (played by the Tiffani-Amber Thiessen). If you watched the show, her on again off again boyfriend was the star of the show Zack Morris. Well she broke up with him one time for a tall, dark and handsome romancer named Jeff. Jeff was played by Patrick Muldoon, who was also well known for his role as Austin on Days of ourLives (give me a break, I spent every summer with my grandparents black cat run .jpegand my grandma watched the soaps). Well to make a long story short, in 1999 Patrick Muldoon starred in one of those 90s TV movies called Black Cat Run (where he plays a gas-station attendant who tries to get his girlfriend back from the escaped convicts that abducted her. The movie was pretty terrible but the redeeming factor of the movie was the car. All of these memories came flooding back the second that I found out that Wolverine had chosen the classic Oldsmobile 442 as his Wednesday Whip.
442 from black cat run.jpgThe Oldsmobile 4-4-2 or more commonly known as the 442 (pronounce Four-Four-Two) was introduced in 1964 as an upgraded option for the Cutlass. In 1966 it became a stand alone muscle car model from 1968 through 1971 and  to compete with the Pontiac GTO (even though both companies were owned by GM). It fought to gain popularity and boy did it ever gain a cult following.

The Oldsmobile 442 stands as one of the muscle cars of the 60s that so many of us yearn to own. After living in a house that owned and loved muscle cars, it was inevitable that I would want a 442 especially after seeing the guy that broke up Kelly and Zack from Saved by the Bell drive one in a movie.

442 hhhhh.jpg



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