Happy Masters of the Universe/National Superhero Day

In 1987, the Mayor of Los Angeles, Tom Bradley, decreed that April 28th (a mere 4 months
before the premiere of the the Masters of the Universe live action film) as Masters of the Universe Day. Coincidently today is also National Superhero Day. In 1995, some employees from Marvel Comics created National Superhero Day, but this day has become a nerdtastic celebration of all things superhero. Is it a coincidence that comic book writers nominated the day that celebrates one of the greatest super heroes of all time to be National Superhero Day? I dare think not.

Either way, Happy Masters of the Universe Day and Happy National Superhero Day!

Remember that you are a superhero every day and that you have the power.

Love, peace, and chicken grease,


superhero dy krispy kremeBy the way…. Krispy Kreme is giving away a dozen free donuts in celebration of National Superhero Day while I’ll be giving away hugs and high fives in celebration of Masters of the Universe Day. Both are just as sweet and awesome to receive.

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