Super Bowl and the Commercials

Super_Bowl_50_logoWhether you’re an American football fan or not, chances are that you’ll enjoy the over-the-top commercials that come on during the Super Bowl. Within the throng of commercials costing upwards of $5 Million per 30 second ad, the melange of ads were for the most part lackluster. The redeeming ad of the night came early on by way of the Doritos Ultrasound Commercial, which quite literally made me laugh out loud.

The highlight of my night was definitely the movie trailers. Since we are North Carolina natives (and the fact that the Carolina Panthers are my sons favorite team (mine being the Washington Redskins)), we watched the game in its entirety. Since I love all of the Comic Book related movies, these trailers always make me come to the edge of my recliner. Whether it was Deadpool (which completely broke my son’s heart when he found out the movie will be a little too dirty for him to see), the beauty of Olivia Munn’s Psylocke slicing her way through the sky in the X-Men: Apocalypse trailer, or the stand off of the iconic characters in the Captain America: Civil War trailer. Honestly, what truly made the kid in me get a little nostalgic was seeing the extremely creepy, yet the disappointingly WAY TOO CGI Krang hit the inside of the glass belly of his humanoid suit.  Second to He-Man, the Ninja Turtles were the most amazing cartoon of my childhood. I thoroughly enjoyed the last TMNT movie; despite Megan Fox’s vapid performance, and I am hoping that this next installment is as entertaining. Despite the Super Bowl itself being a disaster and the commercials not being that great, all of these movie trailers fueled my yearning to see these movies.

Well almost all of the movie trailers fueled my lust for comic book influenced cinematic delights. Two movie trailers not just disappointed me but almost snuffed out the flames of excitement for an upcoming movie. The mock Turkish Airlines ‘ads’ for round trip air trips to Gotham and Metropolis that were mock ads for the completely overhyped Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie. This ad portrays the movie in too comedic of a fashion. Along with the other trailers that I have seen, I think that this portrayal may be a complete juxtaposition to the Dark Knight Batman series and I’m not sure that I am going to like that. I hope that it doesn’t let me down because I sure do love a good comic book movie. Hopefully their millions of dollars don’t go to waste.


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